The Rules Of The Day:

1: Everyone must read and adhere to the rules

2: All weaponry MUST be peace tied in order to prevent someone not from the group removing the weapon and causing a problem.

3: No sparring with non LARP safe (foam) weapons.

4: All non-LARP weapons to be removed before sparring.

5: Anybody deemed to be unsafe with any weaponry will have it removed from them, and will have it returned at a convenient point following the event.

6: Anybody unduly inebriated will be asked to leave the group and go home to recover.

7: You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, treat the general public kindly when asking for donations.

8: Although being a Pirate is very fun, the normal rules of life apply, please don't hit or rob anyone!

9: Have fun, and talk like a Pirate!

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